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Judelyn started her musical journey in the spring of 2018. After losing her grandmother unexpectedly, she needed an outlet. A dusty, unused guitar that she received as a Christmas present in the first grade peaked her attention. Judelyn picked it up and was determined to learn it. After teaching herself basic chords and a few covers she found herself longing to write her own music to spill out all of her own feelings. Judelyn wrote her first song and went straight to her parents, excited as ever, to share it with them. She received great feedback. She wrote song after song, until she thought other people needed to hear them too. She began to write about everything she had been through, was going through, and even things that she knew she would have to go through one day. And so now, the story continues...


Follow along on the journey, and buckle up! It will be a long and exciting ride!

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